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The President elect of Federal Republic of Nigeria, Buhari who was once the Head of state during the military rule claimed on Sunday during an interview with Sahara Tv that his ministers will declare their assets before their appointments into office and before leaving.

Buhari calimed this would define accountability and reduce the level of corruption in the country.

“All those that were governors, ministers, permanent secretaries, head of foreign staff and all those with political appointments will have to declare their assets on the assumption of their appointment and definitely with the courts. And once they leave they have to re-declare their assets.” He said.

He also promised that last minute defectors wont get political apointments and that he would not interfere with the Judiciary in cubbing corruption but would rather strenghten the nation to make corruption submissive.

He also commented on the oil sector of the country. “He said that the “proliferation of oil fields to people who don’t even know what it is, is one of the messes partisan politics has brought.”

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2015 Governorship election

Posted: April 13, 2015 in News

North Central
In Kwara state Governor Abdul Fatah Ahmed confidently defeats his
challenger, Senator Simeon Ajibola, with the following official result:
APC – 295,832
PDP – 115,220
LP – 2,973
South West
Lagos state: Jimi Agbaje (PDP) congratulates, prays for Akinwunmi
Ambode (APC). The official result:
APC – 811,994
PDP – 659,788
AD – 6,087.
Oyo state governor, Abiola Ajimobi (APC), is officially re-elected for
the second term. INEC returning officer, Prof Ayobami Salami, read
the result of governorship poll:
APC – 327,310
Accord – 254,520
LP – 184,111
PDP – 79,019.
Ogun REC, Prof Duro Oni, declares the APC candidate, Ibikunle
Amosun, the winner of the governorship poll.
APC – 306,988
PDP – 201,440
SDP – 25,826.
South South
Nyesom Wike (PDP) was returned as governor-elect for Rivers state.
PDP – 1, 029,102
APC – 124,896
Results from Akwa Ibom have been announced by the collating
officer. Emmanuel Udom Gabriel (PDP) is the governor-elect:
PDP – 996,071
APC – 89,865
LP – 86,000.
South East
Engr Dave Umahi (PDP) is the winner of the April 11 governorship
election in Ebonyi state.
PDP – 289,867
LP – 124,817
APC – 27,583.
Finally, results for Imo state announced. Rochas Okorocha emerges
winner beating Chukwuemeka Ihedioha. Imo PDP says it will not
accept the governorship election outcome, alleging that Okorocha
was favoured.
APC – 392,093
PDP – 307,197.
According to the latest update, INEC says Imo state election is
Enugu state official results: Ugwuanyi Ifeanyi Lawrence (PDP) is the
PDP – 482,277
APC – 43,839
APGA – 3,303.
North West
Speaker Aminu Waziri Tambuwal (APC) has been officially declared
the winner in Sokoto state:
APC – 647,609
PDP – 269,074.
Jigawa state has decided, choosing Abubakar Badaru.
APC – 644,084
PDP – 462,110.
The PDP lost one more state, as Aminu Bello Masari (APC) has been
declared the winner in Katsina state:
APC – 943,085
PDP – 476,768
APGA – 42,302.
Nasir El-Rufai (APC) is officially victorious in Kaduna state. Mukhtar
Ramalan Yero (PDP) conceded the defeat.
APC – 1,117,635
PDP – 485,833
APGA – 20,140.
Kebbi state: Senator Atiku Bagudu (APC) emerges winner with the
following result:
APC – 477,376
PDP – 293,443.
North East
Barr. Mohammed Abubakar (APC) is the winner of the April 11
governorship election in Bauchi state.
APC – 654,934
PDP – 282,650.
Yobe state: Governor Ibrahim Gaidam got re-elected following the
INEC declaration:
APC – 334, 847
PDP – 179, 700.
Governor Ibrahim Hassan Dankwambo (PDP) retains his seat in
Gombe state.
PDP – 285,369
APC – 205,132.

Hillary Clinton’s trip to IOWA

Posted: April 13, 2015 in News

On the course for her second trio to the White House, ex-First lady took a road trip from New York to her first campaign stop on Tuesday in Iowa. Also in a very liking manner was spotted talking with some people at gas station in Pennsylvania which is assumed to be a campaign strategy.

A tweet also came from Hillary’s verified account after meeting a family on the way which she took picture with them….”Road trip! Loaded the van & set off for IA. Met a great family when
we stopped this afternoon. Many more to come. -H”

As reported by CNN, Chris Learn, a 19-year old said “I knew it was her immediately,” Learn said. “I just saw her and I waslike, there’s no way that’s her!”He added: “She didn’t really say why she was there, but I was guessing it was for presidential stuff.”

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The last time Frank Jordan spoke with his son, Louis Jordan was fishing on a sailboat a few miles off the South Carolina coast.

The next time he spoke with him, more than two months had passed and the younger Jordan was on a German-flagged container ship 200 miles from North Carolina, just rescued from his disabled boat.

“I thought I lost you,” the relieved father said.

Louis Jordan, 37, took his 35-foot sailboat out in late January and hadn’t been heard from in 66 days when he was spotted Thursday afternoon by the Houston Express on his ship drifting in the Atlantic Ocean.

“I was utterly thankful and grateful to the people who rescued me, and I was grateful to God that my parents were not going to be worried about me,” Jordan told CNN.

Frank Jordan told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer that he had worried about his son, who is an inexperienced sailor, but he held hope because his son had a good boat. And he had the strength to make it.

“He’s got very strong constitution and (is strong) not only physically, but spiritually,” Frank Jordan told CNN. “And he told me on the phone that he was praying the whole time, so I believe that sustained him a great deal.”
The younger Jordan said he took his sailboat out to the Gulf Stream to find some better fishing, when it capsized. He broke his shoulder when the boat flipped.

Because of the injury, Jordan couldn’t repair the boat’s mast, which had snapped.

“Everything I owned got broken — all my electronics, my GPS devices,” Jordan said. He was dead in the water.

Jordan drifted in the Atlantic, rationing food and water until his shoulder healed.

He was able to rig a makeshift mast and sail, Jordan said, but he could make little headway against the currents.

“It took so long,” he said. “It moved so slowly.”

The boat capsized two more times before he was rescued, according to Jordan.

After his food and water ran out, it became an issue of survival.

Collecting fresh water was a nightmare for Jordan. The weather wouldn’t cooperate.

“I had tried to collect (rain)water … but every time the waves would splash into the boat,” Jordan said. “The waves would put saltwater into my freshwater and it tasted bad.

“Finally the conditions were right. I filled up my water tank, which is 25 gallons. I filled up a bucket.”

Then there was the issue of food.

The fish weren’t cooperating, but after a while Jordan learned that they were attracted to his laundry that he would put out to sea for a rinse.

The fish would swim in and out of his clothes and he could easily scoop them up with a hand net, he said.

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When Kieu was 12, her mother asked her to take a job. But not just any job. Kieu was first examined by a doctor, who issued her a “certificate of virginity.” She was then delivered to a hotel, where a man raped her for two days.

In 2013, the Freedom Project went to Cambodia with Oscar-winning actress and UNODC Goodwill Ambassador against Human Trafficking, Mira Sorvino. The result was “Every Day in Cambodia: A CNN Freedom Project Documentary,” which looked at child sex trafficking in the country.

In Svay Pak, a notorious child sex trafficking hub in Phnom Penh, Sorvino met Kieu, who was then around 14 years old. She had been rescued from sex trafficking by Agape International Missions (AIM), a non-profit for trafficked and at risk children and teenagers.

Kieu told of how she had been sold aged 12 by her mother to a Khmer man of “maybe more than 50” who had three children of his own, Sorvino explained in her Cambodia journal: “The price set in advance for her virginity: $1,500, though she was ultimately only given $1,000, of which she had to give $400 to the woman who brought her to the man. Her mother used the money to pay down a debt and for food for the fish they raise under their floating house — their primary income source.

“Beforehand, Kieu said, ‘I did not know what the job was and whether it was good for me. I had no idea what to expect. But now I know the job was not good for me.’ After she lost her virginity to the man, she felt ‘very heartbroken.’ Her mother supposedly felt bad too, but still sent her to work in a brothel. Kieu said she did not want to go, but had to. She said, ‘They held me like I was in prison.'”

She was kept there for three days, raped by three to six men a day. When she returned home, her mother sent her away for stints in two other brothels, including one 400 kilometers away on the Thai border. When she learned her mother was planning to sell her again, this time for a six-month stretch, she realized she needed to flee her home.

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Earlier before dawn on Thursday, gunmen attacked a Garissa UnIversity in northeast kenya leaving 30 students hospitalised from bullet wound.

Garissa University College is in a part of Kenya where Al Shabaab has conducted raids.

Garissa is about 90 miles from the border with Somalia. It is reported that no group immediately claimed responsibility for the attack but it is widely known that Al-Shabaab militants have often launched attacks inside Kenya from Somalia in the past since the Kenyan government sent in troops across the border to fight the group.

Also reported that the gunshots started like fireworks before 5 am in the morning as the gunmen were shooting incessantly at students as they ran for cover.

Nearby policemen then engaged in a fierce exchange of fire and the gunmen escaped into the university buildings.

Two guards were confirmed killed at the main university gate, with two policemen and a student among the injured. But eyewitnesses spokeof many casualties inside the building.
The gunmen reportedly ordered students to lie down on the floor, but at least 27 are known to have escaped and are at a military facility.

“It was horrible, there was shooting everywhere,” student Augustine Alanga He said it was pitiful that the school could only put two men to guard the school in such a terrific area.

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NYC buildings’ fire outburst

Posted: March 27, 2015 in News

Inspectors from New York’s gas utility were at a
building in Manhattan’s East Village on Thursday a little more than an
hour before a fiery blast injured at least 19 people, at least four
critically, leveled the structure and a neighboring one, officials said.

The explosion appeared to be “gas-related,” Mayor Bill de Blasio said,
adding there were no reports of gas leaks beforehand.
The cause is under investigation.
Consolidated Edison inspectors were at the Second Avenue building
“evaluating the meter installation for a new service … to the building,”
utility President Craig Ivey told reporters. There was a second gas
service in operation at the same building.

The installation of the new meter “did not pass our inspection at that
time, so it meant it wasn’t ready for gas to be introduced,” Ivey said.
Con Edison said in a statement that a survey Wednesday of gas mains
on the block found no leaks.

Inspectors were at the building at 2 p.m. Thursday. The blast occurred
at 3:17 p.m.

De Blasio said investigators were talking with the Con Edison
employees who inspected the work of private contractors at the
building. The name of the contractor was not provided.
“We are not going to speculate on details until we have a full report,”
the mayor said. “We have to put those pieces together.”

The powerful explosion rocked a heavily traveled section the East
Village in late afternoon, injuring some people with burns in their
airways, scattering debris and forcing the closure of streets.
No one was believed to be trapped in the two collapsed buildings,
officials said. At least two other neighboring buildings were damaged
— one in danger of collapse.
Images from the scene showed the first two floors of a five-story, red-
brick building collapsed onto each other. That building and a
neighboring one soon were leveled by the intense fire.

Copied from CNN