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Racism as we all know it has always been a rising issue in the United States of America since the colonial era and slavery era. The issue of White-Americans being the superior race has always been the root of discrimination against all other races.

The main issue here is to discuss how racism is an act against the charter of The American Dream and recent racial discrimination against the black-Americans. There were many organizations during the mid-19th century that proposed the idea of returning black-Americans to freedom and equity in Africa.

Even though racial discrimination was banned in the mid-20s, racial discrimination found its way in the social-economic equality status in the United States. The department of Agriculture in the United States renounced the right of tens of thousands black-American farmers in receiving loans which were issued to white farmers as an act of discrimination.

The American Dream is the United States’ charter that preaches and fosters the issue of equality amongst all races in the United States claiming that every individual should be granted the same opportunity no matter his race.

The issue of racism (against black-Americans in particular) on a high rate in the United States surely is against this charter of The American Dream as events happening in the country recently. The United States is facing a heavy protests by the citizens of America (esp black-Americans) over recent acts of racism against the black-Americans showing that U.S still practice racism till today.

Case One
The case between an American officer, Darren Wilson, and a black-American teenager, Michael Brown. Series of protests have been going on around the states of America over the verdict of the grand-jury convicting Darren Wilson after he had shot Michael Brown six times in the chest without any attempt of violence. Recent news says that Darren Wilson has resigned from duty and being protected by his friends in the police department over the fear of death.

Case Two
A recent case also when I was reading CNN news online and I saw this headline “N.Y cop not indicted over chokehold death” and I was so interested and got through it. Daniel Pantaleo, a white police officer was convicted by the grand jury after he put Eric Garner, an unarmed black man on chokehold which leads to his death in which two law enforcement officers witnessed. The death was ruled homicide by the medical examiners due to compression of neck (chokehold), compression of chest and prone positioning during physical restraint by Daniel Pantaleo.

In a country where the President is a black-American, Barrack Obama, black-Americans like him are being discriminated against. What will be President Obama’s response to these cases? What will White House do about these unlawful convictions? Obama’s administration is almost finished, why these recent cases? Should the black-Americans seek a new Harlem?

Written by Afolabi Lekan D. Copyright @2014


This is an Islamic terrorist group no doubt but how well do you know them??
The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and Islamic State of Iraq and Levant is a Sunni, extremist, self-identified jihadist group, unrecognized state and self-proclaimed caliphate based in Iraq and Syria in the Middle East having Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi as its leader.
They are gaining support in Iraq in the context of perceived economic and political discrimination against Iraqi Sunnis.
The group’s original aim and purpose was to establish an Islamic state in Sunni-majority regions of Iraq. Following its involvement in the Syrian Civil War, this expanded to include controlling Sunni-majority areas of Syria.
The group was founded in 1999 by Abu Musab al-Zarqawi under the name Jamāʻat al-Tawḥīd wa-al-Jihād, “The Organization of Monotheism and Jihad”.
In October 2004, al-Zarqawi swore loyalty to Osama bin Laden and changed the name of the group to Tanẓīm Qāʻidat al-Jihād fī Bilād al-Rāfidayn, “The Organization of Jihad’s Base in the Country of the Two Rivers” or “The Organization of Jihad’s Base in Mesopotamia”, more commonly known as Al-Qaeda in Iraq (AQI).
Although the group has never called itself “Al-Qaeda in Iraq”, this name has frequently been used for it through its various incarnations.
In March 2011, protests began in Syria against the government of Bashar al-Assad. In the following months, violence between demonstrators and security forces led to a gradual militarisation of the conflict. In August 2011, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi began sending Syrian and Iraqi ISI members experienced in guerilla warfare across the border into Syria in order to establish an organization inside the country. Led by a Syrian known as Abu Muhammad al-Jawlani, this group began to recruit fighters and establish cells throughout the country. On 23 January 2012, the group announced its formation as Jabhat al-Nusra li Ahl as-Sham—Jabhat al-Nusra—more commonly known as al-Nusra Front. Al-Nusra grew rapidly into a capable fighting force with popular support among Syrians opposed to the Assad regime.[87]
They have killed lots of Syrian soldiers and Kurdish fighters and Iraqi soldiers in their recent takeovers in both Syria and Iraq.
USA has sent fighters to aid in the fight against this terrorist group to Iraq.
The funny thing is that even Al-Qaeda is now resenting ISIS because of their “high rate of terrorism” so to say.

No to Simple Majority

Posted: November 5, 2014 in ARTICLE

Simple majority is a system of presiding over matters with the formula 50% +1 out of 100. The 50% +1 refers to the majority while the lesser percentage is the minority. Simple majority states that the view of the majority overrides that of the minority. I call this a bias system.
Don’t get me wrong. I am not just trying to get something published but to challenge you reading this article to view simple majority system in another dimension. No system is perfect but simple majority is worse and has been affecting matters negatively.
In the same vein, if because some 50% +1 are saying yes or no, then 50% -1 are saying otherwise, simple majority states that 50% +1’s view will suppress that of 50% -1 leaving their opinion as irrelevant. Is this the right system to preside on matters? What if the majority are thinking irrationally? What if their ships are going in the wrong course? I say no to simple majority system. I say no to a bias system.
To buttress this view on simple majority as a bias system, check out this logical illustration. If majority says yes to the massacre of millions of people and the minority are saying otherwise. Since it’s a boxed system, the view of the majority would be considered. Does this mean they are right?
To conclude this article, I am not persuading you to accept my point of view but to think over it with a skeptical mind. What If a better system is created to appreciate the view of the majority without rendering that of the minority as irrelevant? A system where both majority and minority would be pleased with the final verdict. A system where no view would be considered baseless.


He has done it again

Posted: October 17, 2014 in ARTICLE

My great God, the King of kings, Lord of Lords. I got a C in my last released course, lit 102 for my 100 level even though the lecturers marked strictly and with no mercy. After seeing my test score,(bad) i went to God and prayed in my Saviour’s name, Jesus that i shall not repeat this course. He answered my prayer and gave me a . Am grateful because He showed me his favour. No carryover throughout my part one/100 level.

He is the God that never fails…..i am grateful to Him.


Posted: September 8, 2014 in ARTICLE

If there is one thing i can boast of anytime…day and moment about God, it is that He never fails. God is so faithful to me even though i am faithless often. Even when i don’t love myself, He continues to show His love through my Lord and personal Saviour, Jesus Christ.

God never fails. He had never failed…..never fails…..will never fail because He is the supreme Being and our Father. I know i will never love Him as much as He does for me, but i still do and will always do.

All Glory To God

Posted: May 21, 2014 in ARTICLE

After a year and quarter of rigorous reading, i say bye to part one. Now, i am looking forward to part two and most especially, the favour and grace of the Lord.

I say a big thank you to God Almighty for his mercy and love to me because many were admitted but some are nowhere to be found today.

All humans are investors

Posted: May 21, 2014 in ARTICLE

Don’t take this in the wrong direction. Do not read this from the perspective of those in the economic line. ‘’Investors” as being used in this article is not that of putting money into a financial scheme but have influence in something or someone either to yield negative or positive outcome.
Meticulously, all humans invest in someone or something one way or the other. So, when I call you an Investor, you are. Everyone in this world invest in themselves and sometimes in others. Parents invest in themselves, their children and others; children later invest in themselves, their own children and most likely others which is how it is all over the world.
All humans are Investors I write. So, with my pen and ink I call you reading this article an Investor. Invest positively and not negatively. You don’t need to be involved in the economic business of life before being an Investor. You have been ordained as an Investor since you started buying for yourself.
Happy being an Investor