Ex-General Buhari’s final speech against March 28 presidential election in Nigeria

Posted: March 26, 2015 in News

Ex-General Buhari of the Federal Republic of.Nigeria gives a final speech over the march 28 Presidential election with the Incumbent President Goodluck Jonathan who postponed the election which was supposed to hold in February.

“I want to take this last opportunity, before we go to the polls on
Saturday March 28 and April 11 respectively, to thank everyone who
has supported our campaigns. I am humbled and grateful to have had
the opportunity to meet so many of my fellow Nigerians who have
helped to carry the message of change across our great country.

This is the fourth time that I would be standing for election as the
President of Nigeria. All these years, I have been driven by a keen
awareness of the potential greatness of our country and the desire to
provide the true leadership that will unleash this huge potential. I
believe that a stable and prosperous Nigeria is not only important to
Nigerians. It is also important to Africa and the rest of the world. The
evidence of this is the unprecedented attention that our country will
receive this weekend. On Saturday, the whole world would wait with
baited breath for the greatest black nation on earth to take charge of
its destiny. We must therefore not miss the significance of this
moment. We must not let ourselves and our country down.

At no other time in our history is Nigeria in such an urgent need of
strong and competent leadership. Sadly, at no other time is this
leadership so sorely absent in our country. We live in a time of great
opportunities and great peril. It is only a leader that understands
these in equal measure that can find the rightful place for Nigeria
among the great Nations of the world.

I have travelled extensively around Nigeria in the last three months.
In the course of my travels, I encountered directly, what I have
always believed: that a Hausa man’s desire for security is not
different from the Ijaw woman’s desire to feel secured in any part of
our country. An Igbo woman’s desire for her children to get quality
education and find employment is not different from the Yoruba
man’s dream for his children to become a useful member of our
society. A wife’s desperate need for affordable and quality healthcare
for her husband diagnosed with prostate cancer in Enugu is not
different from a husband’s desire to save the life of his wife
diagnosed with ovarian cancer in Lagos. Invariably, our fears are the
same; our dreams are the same; and our problems are the same.

Regardless of the language we speak, or the way we understand and
worship God, what affects anyone of us, affects everyone of us.

Our economy is celebrated as the largest in Africa, yet our country is
home to the continent’s highest number of people living in extreme
poverty. Our youth population is larger than the combined population
of many of our neighbors, yet our failure to plan and create
opportunities for them is turning them to a social time bomb rather
than economic catalysts. A band of ragtag terrorist group has
threatened our territorial integrity, killed thousands of Nigerians,
displaced our people and abducted our children. The almost 60, 000
Nigerians who have become refugees in neighboring countries
represent a budding threat to sub-regional stability.

However, even in the face of these daunting challenges, I see a great
opportunity for change. We have to start by rebuilding the trust and
confidence of Nigerians in their government. No citizen will respect a
government under whose watch more than 200 girls were abducted.

This singular act can only portray the government as insensitive,
incompetent or both. When I become president, reuniting these
children with their families will, without doubts, be a top priority.
Rebuilding the army and other security agencies will also be a top
priority of my government. I will ensure that never again will
terrorists find a safe haven in Nigeria.

Recent fall in international price of crude leaves us badly exposed
and vulnerable. Dwindling oil revenue also means that we are going
to face serious financial challenges in the months ahead. However,
even as daunting as this appears, it also provides us with great
opportunity to diversify our economy and finally give meaning to the
widely held belief that our prosperity as a nation would not continue
to depend on the resources buried under our feet, but on the
productive capacity of our people.

No matter how much resources we have, if not properly utilized, it
would only create a few billionaires and leave majority of our people
in poverty. Under the current administration, corruption has enjoyed
unprecedented prosperity and this has been at the heart of most of
our government failings, including insecurity, broken infrastructure
and growing inequality in our country.

My government will have a zero tolerance for corruption. I will set a
personal example and run a government that truly serves the people
rather than serve themselves and a privileged few. Like I have
repeatedly maintained that if Nigeria does not kill corruption,
corruption will kill Nigeria. We must not allow Nigeria to die.

Therefore, we must do all that is necessary to root out this evil that
has reduced our great country to a laughing stock of the world. We
must begin to rebuild the social fabrics of our society and teach a
different experience to our youth in the values of hard work,
discipline, integrity and service.

The change that I seek therefore; is a change from the current regime
of mindless of corruption and profligacy; a change from fear and
insecurity to peace and stability; a change from religious and ethnic
divisiveness to unity, equity and justice. This is the change that my
party stands for. This is the change that I am committed to bringing
about as President. Give me the chance to lead you in rebuilding a
Nigeria that all of us can be proud of once again.

As we come out to vote on Saturday, I appeal to all Nigerians to shun
violence in whatever form. It is the right of every adult Nigerian to
vote and expect that their votes would count in a free, fair and
credible election. However, we also have a responsibility to respect
the choice of others and grant them the same treatment that we

I also want to call on all our men and women in uniform, the
Judiciary, and all others who have constitutional responsibility to
safeguard our democracy, to remember that their responsibility is
primarily to Nigerians and the survival of Nigeria. They must
therefore not allow anyone to use them to subvert the will of the
Nigerian people. I believe that their dreams and aspirations are not
different from those of other Nigerians.

I have no doubt that with God being on our side; together we can
make our country great once again.

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