Adultery legalized in South korea

Posted: February 27, 2015 in News

South Korea’s law has declared adultery as a crime now for the past 62years in which a term of imprisonment is apportioned to.

This is no more since on Thursday when the country’s Constitutional Court overturned a law that made adultery a crime, saying it violates the East Asian nation’s constitution.

As reported, the court claims “The precondition of human dignity and right to pursue happiness is for each individual to have their rights to choose their fate and the rights to choose their fate includes rights to be engaged in sex and choosing the partner.”

Not until Thursday, anyone charged with cheating of his or her spouse would be charged and if convicted, spend two years in prison.

The significant reason for originally enacting the adultery law was to protect women. The idea was that men who tended to be economically and socially more powerful which makes them to take advantage of women.

This new law is supported and backed since this is the 21st century and even the current President of South Korea, Park Geun-hye is a woman.

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