Miss Universe to attend peace talks

Posted: February 9, 2015 in News

The Colombian FARC rebels invite the newly-crowned Miss Universe to attend their peace talks with government on Saturday.

Paulina Vega who just added to her name Miss Universe made offer in the past to attend negotiations in Cuba made it easier for the Colombian FARC rebels to make a request for her presence during their peace talks.

“We have read with interest about your desire to contribute your services to achieve peace and reconciliation between Colombians,” FARC said in a statement on its website.”We salute your willingness to travel to Havana at the same time that we invite you to make the trip to exhibit the development of the process of talks.”

Vega, 22, a business administration major at a Bogota university, was crowned Miss Universe in Miami last month. Though the native of Barranquilla has not responded to the offer, the rebels emphasized that her input is important.

“Rest assured that there is complete willingness to respond to your concerns and to value your opinions as a valuable contribution to peace,” the statement said.

Gathered by Afolabi Lekan D.


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