Al Jazeera journalist finally freed

Posted: February 2, 2015 in News

After spending 400 days in Egtpr=tian prison, the family of Peter Greste, Australian Al jazeera journalist welcomes him home after being freed on Sunday at around 4pm.

Peter Greste whom along with Mohammed Fadel Fahmy and Baher Mohammed were jailed by the Egyptian court for supporting the banned Muslim Brotherhood after concurrently claiming their innocence.

Lois Greste, Peter Greste’s mother expresses how happy and relieved she is after learning her son is coming back home.

“On a more somber note, we also — and I know Peter sincerely wanted me to mention this point — we want to acknowledge that Peter’s two other colleagues are still there,” Andrew Greste said. “They also deserve to be freed. Peter won’t rest until they’re released from prison, and we hope that will follow in the very near future.”

“He was somewhat bewildered. He was only given short notice by Egyptian authorities that he was to be released unconditionally. We moved as fast as we could to collect him from the prison and escort him to the airport and make arrangements for his immediate departure,” she said “He will make his way home, in his own time. I think he wants a little bit of rest and recreation, but he also wants to be reunited with his family and friends as soon as possible.” says Australian’s Foreign Minister Julie Bishop.

One of Greste’s lawyer says “According to Egyptian law, this is considered an extradition,” lawyer Amr Eldib, said. “Peter must be tried in Australia and authorities there must determine if he is guilty or not.” congratulates Peter Greste on his release and will continue to support #freeAjstaff
Gathered by Afolabi Lekan D.


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