Racism in U.S: An act against the American Dream.

Posted: December 6, 2014 in ARTICLE

Racism as we all know it has always been a rising issue in the United States of America since the colonial era and slavery era. The issue of White-Americans being the superior race has always been the root of discrimination against all other races.

The main issue here is to discuss how racism is an act against the charter of The American Dream and recent racial discrimination against the black-Americans. There were many organizations during the mid-19th century that proposed the idea of returning black-Americans to freedom and equity in Africa.

Even though racial discrimination was banned in the mid-20s, racial discrimination found its way in the social-economic equality status in the United States. The department of Agriculture in the United States renounced the right of tens of thousands black-American farmers in receiving loans which were issued to white farmers as an act of discrimination.

The American Dream is the United States’ charter that preaches and fosters the issue of equality amongst all races in the United States claiming that every individual should be granted the same opportunity no matter his race.

The issue of racism (against black-Americans in particular) on a high rate in the United States surely is against this charter of The American Dream as events happening in the country recently. The United States is facing a heavy protests by the citizens of America (esp black-Americans) over recent acts of racism against the black-Americans showing that U.S still practice racism till today.

Case One
The case between an American officer, Darren Wilson, and a black-American teenager, Michael Brown. Series of protests have been going on around the states of America over the verdict of the grand-jury convicting Darren Wilson after he had shot Michael Brown six times in the chest without any attempt of violence. Recent news says that Darren Wilson has resigned from duty and being protected by his friends in the police department over the fear of death.

Case Two
A recent case also when I was reading CNN news online and I saw this headline “N.Y cop not indicted over chokehold death” and I was so interested and got through it. Daniel Pantaleo, a white police officer was convicted by the grand jury after he put Eric Garner, an unarmed black man on chokehold which leads to his death in which two law enforcement officers witnessed. The death was ruled homicide by the medical examiners due to compression of neck (chokehold), compression of chest and prone positioning during physical restraint by Daniel Pantaleo.

In a country where the President is a black-American, Barrack Obama, black-Americans like him are being discriminated against. What will be President Obama’s response to these cases? What will White House do about these unlawful convictions? Obama’s administration is almost finished, why these recent cases? Should the black-Americans seek a new Harlem?

Written by Afolabi Lekan D. Copyright @2014


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