No to Simple Majority

Posted: November 5, 2014 in ARTICLE

Simple majority is a system of presiding over matters with the formula 50% +1 out of 100. The 50% +1 refers to the majority while the lesser percentage is the minority. Simple majority states that the view of the majority overrides that of the minority. I call this a bias system.
Don’t get me wrong. I am not just trying to get something published but to challenge you reading this article to view simple majority system in another dimension. No system is perfect but simple majority is worse and has been affecting matters negatively.
In the same vein, if because some 50% +1 are saying yes or no, then 50% -1 are saying otherwise, simple majority states that 50% +1’s view will suppress that of 50% -1 leaving their opinion as irrelevant. Is this the right system to preside on matters? What if the majority are thinking irrationally? What if their ships are going in the wrong course? I say no to simple majority system. I say no to a bias system.
To buttress this view on simple majority as a bias system, check out this logical illustration. If majority says yes to the massacre of millions of people and the minority are saying otherwise. Since it’s a boxed system, the view of the majority would be considered. Does this mean they are right?
To conclude this article, I am not persuading you to accept my point of view but to think over it with a skeptical mind. What If a better system is created to appreciate the view of the majority without rendering that of the minority as irrelevant? A system where both majority and minority would be pleased with the final verdict. A system where no view would be considered baseless.



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