Final arguments : Oscar Pistorius culpable homicide

Posted: October 17, 2014 in News

South African athlete Oscar Pistorius’s final arguments by the Defense Lawyer and Prosecutor with the Defense depicting that Oscar is a broken man who has suffered enough while the Prosecutor said he should pay for killing his girlfriend.

Oscar Pistorius, 27 who is guilty of culpable homicide, negligent killing and weapons-related charge is due to be sentenced.

The evidence presented in court demonstrated that as a double amputee, Pistorius’ negligent actions in the shooting could not be seen outside the context of his disability, he said. He did not act unlawfully, but out of fear, Roux said in defense of Pistorius.

The Prosecutor, Gerrie Nel called for a minimum of 10yrs in his final argument. He said 10yrs is enough for the society to be happy.

Gathered by Afolabi Lekan


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