All humans are investors

Posted: May 21, 2014 in ARTICLE

Don’t take this in the wrong direction. Do not read this from the perspective of those in the economic line. ‘’Investors” as being used in this article is not that of putting money into a financial scheme but have influence in something or someone either to yield negative or positive outcome.
Meticulously, all humans invest in someone or something one way or the other. So, when I call you an Investor, you are. Everyone in this world invest in themselves and sometimes in others. Parents invest in themselves, their children and others; children later invest in themselves, their own children and most likely others which is how it is all over the world.
All humans are Investors I write. So, with my pen and ink I call you reading this article an Investor. Invest positively and not negatively. You don’t need to be involved in the economic business of life before being an Investor. You have been ordained as an Investor since you started buying for yourself.
Happy being an Investor


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