Posted: April 29, 2014 in ARTICLE

Afolabi Lekan writes

Aluko Bolu , a student of Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria defines love and what it entails. With this write-up, he is able to express to the world what he understands to be called “LOVE”.
The write-up below is the exact way Aluko expresses his knowledge about love.
“I was lost, confused and speechless. I’ve never thought of it “Love” to have a definition. It is more than a word, it is more than a feeling, it encompasses the most difficult but yet dramatic experience, but yet weak, amazing and unforgettable.
“ Love”
“What is Love? Have you ever wondered what it really means or does it even have a meaning? It is a word used by many but understood by just few. Have you been asked to define it or has anyone asked you to give reasons you love them??
“Reasons are causes. They are conditions. “Love” is a feeling that is much more than just reasons. In fact, reasons are not the basis for love, they should never be. If you have reasons for which you love a person, then you have placed conditions.”
“Condition is state or circumstance. Conditions are not permanent. Change is constant. If your acclaimed love changes, your reasons might as well go with the change and then leaves you with nothing. Is that really love?”
“It is therefore on this very note I say “Love is an emotion that is inexplicable” Love without reason. “Reason before you love” Thank you.


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