Life has no part two

Posted: April 14, 2014 in ARTICLE

This life has only one part and no other part. We are all here for only one part and one part only. We have just a single life and no other one. All geniuses, legends and heroes that have lived, lived once and for all.
In this single life you have, make it a special one. Make things happen and not just watch them happen. Live this life to the fullest and enjoy it in a Godly and normal way. This single life you have can make other lives better and hopeful. Let your life make an impact in other people’s lives. This single life of yours should be worthy of talking about after your departure to the lower earth.
My declaration is to use my life to serve God, make the hopeless hopeful, make beggars givers and make minorities majorities. With God by my side, my life will be talked about and celebrated generations to come.


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