Suffering in silence

Posted: March 26, 2014 in ARTICLE

The inspiration behind this article was the argument that arose in my room with other mates about how Nigerians don’t protest and suffer in silence. Nigeria is my country and I am proud to be a Nigerian. Nigeria is a country in West Africa and tagged as the “giant of Africa”. Nigeria might be giant of Africa but not the giant of her people. Nigeria is a nation of biased constitution where the leaders can do things in contrary to the constitution in as long their selfish interest in involved. Nigerians are supposed to fight for their rights being infringed and protest against the acts of the leaders, but instead, we keep silence and suffer watching the diplomats of poverty misleading us.
The youths that are supposed to stand up and fight as being the leaders of tomorrow is but a fantasy because those we saw leading us when we were infants are still the ones leading us till tomorrow astray. Those that cause chaos in the country saying they are trying to stop it ( what they started) are still the ones leading Nigeria to that lonely island.
Nigeria is a country of extraordinary minds but these minds are kept mute because the ambassadors of poverty ( P.O Ume) want it so. The so called leaders are embezzling money which is supposed to be used to boost the country’s economy while the citizens are suffering. Nigerians are suffering in silence when supposed to take up the flag and call for revolution. The power to protest against the government is in us, the power to fight for our right lives is in us but we chose to suffer in silence because the trust of another Nigerian having your back is not there. For us to protest, say no to suffering, say no to infringements of rights, we must stand up today and fight for our freedom from home colonization. To do this, we must be sure we have each other’s back.
Afolabi God’sgrace Lekan writes


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