Posted: March 26, 2014 in ARTICLE

Equality is something everyone prays for all over the world. Many pastors, past legends, heroes of the people and warriors had preached and educated the world about the essence about equality.
Equality to me is but a fantasy that will never happen till the end of the world.
In one way or the other, everyone is faced with this problem of inequality even if you are unequal (positively) with another person. Inequality occurs in every aspect of one’s life which is so all over the world. Inequality is a disease that can never be cured because equality is a drug that can never be manufactured.
Equality is even a disease on its own because when inequality is impeached and equality is voted in, the world becomes worse. When equality begins to reign, life becomes boring and adventurous less. Don’t think I am stupid or unreasonable. This is one of the best critical thought you can ever read and know of. What do I mean by equality will make life boring? When equality begins all over the world, life will become a place where pride will reign.
Life will become boring even in terms of maturity. There will be nothing like seeking for a job since everybody is equal, which is a part of the components of one’s maturity.
The problem of inequality will rise up again at a moment of one trying to get higher than other equal people because humans love ruling and being worshipped. So I don’t think equality can ever be possible, but there will always be inequality.
Although, oppressors would be less in world but then, there won’t be anything like activism again in the world. This would turn life to a bore. I am not planning to be oppressed or be an oppressor but when I think about something, I like to share with the world to read.
Equality is something I think is a fantasy. Equality is a dream that cannot come to past.


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