White collar bearers

Posted: March 6, 2014 in ARTICLE

Looking at them with white tag around their necks gives me nausea. This the cause of my complaint that can’t stand watching anymore.

The collars around their necks to show status of priesthood They are to deliver the messages of the people to the Almighty free handedly but reverse is the case even with the white tag.

This act of hypocrisy on their side makes them worthless to wear the white tag. The white tag showing their side of holiness even though never practiced.

There should be a technology to measure the holiness of man before being given the white tag. This I think even though it’s fantasy.

White tag is no more sacred because just any hypocrite and liar can put it on.

This is like smoke to my eyes because the world now is going upside down even with people calling themselves priest who are diplomats of poverty.


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