Pain and Gain

Posted: March 4, 2014 in ARTICLE

When there is no pain there is no gain. This I hear anytime I want to be idle. Then,  again I think that even God worked for seven days to create this beautiful world and the living things. God who can make anything out of nothing even worked, then, why can’t I? .

There is no gain when you share no pain. Before the late great Abraham Lincoln became the 16th President of USA, he was faced with some shortcomings and hinderances which was his pain. He didn’t give up until he became the President, then why shouldn’t you get pain if you want gain?.

No pain no gain is not just a quote or something. It’s a togetherness of words that should ring in your head every second. There is no shortcut neither is there any quick way to gaining. Your gain and success will come until you’ve known pain and failure. Your gain and success will be meaningless if you never knew pain and failure.

No pain no gain. Do you know that only a prisoner knows the full importance of freedom after being released unlike a freeman that has been free all his life? “ I know why caged birds sing by Maya Angelou” talks about the difference in perception of freedom by caged birds and free birds. It’s until you know pain, you’ll definitely know gain.

Afolabi God’sgrace Lekan writes


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