The Wide Difference by Afolabi Lekan

Posted: February 28, 2014 in ARTICLE

It gives me no joy to write this but I have to let you know the difference between a Friend and a Colleague. This article will hit the truth at its fringe. I would like you to pay a rapt concentration into reading this article so as not to leave you in a confused state of mind about a friend and a colleague.

I would like to give the literary definitions of both Friend and Colleague. A Friend refers to someone who is other than a family member, spouse or lover, whose company one enjoys and  towards whom one feels affection WHILE a Colleague Is a fellow member of a profession, staff, academic faculty, also known as an associate. Isn’t whom you should call your colleague you call friend? Most people call their colleagues friends which is now a general diseases in the world. There is no shame in calling who is your colleague colleague even during introduction to another person. Most people just call anybody friend which is wrong in as much they talk and chat. Even an acquaintance is called a friend which is not meant to be.

Who is a friend?

This is a question most people can’t provide answer for because everyone they talk to and play with is a friend. According to my knowledge about whom a friend is, I’ll say a friend is more than that. A friend is completely different from a colleague.

A friend is someone that knows everything about you and vice versa.

A friend is someone that is even closer to you than any family member.

A friend is someone that knows your mind even before you disclose what is there.

A friend is that person that can suffer for you and gets sad when you suffer.

A friend is that guy/girl that knows your secrets without even one of your family members knowing.

A friend is someone that tells the truth to your face even if it will hurt you.

A friend is someone that keeps the truth from you so as not to get hurt ( some truths are better if not known).

A friend is that person that takes you first in everything.

A friend is someone that can run through hell just to see you

A friend is someone that puts your decision over his/hers

A friend is someone that is rare among men’s race

A friend is Jesus Christ


Do you have a friend?? Now you know whom your friend is and your colleague.

A colleague is not an enemy but is only there to discuss your same goal and course. Friend is intimate, Colleague is distant.



Afolabi God’sgrace Lekan writes


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