All Glory to the Trinity: One

Posted: February 24, 2014 in ARTICLE

Wow! My first result was just released today for the first semester even though am in second semester of the 1st year of my four year course, Literature in English. Egl 101 was released today which I had 60 B. Am so happy and grateful to the Trinity, God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. I love them but not up to Their love for me. Even though I am faithless, God is forever faithful. It’s not by my means but by the grace of the Trinity and favour.

Before I checked my result, a friend called me and told me he had E which eventually was D due to miscalculation. I was shocked and my heart pumped up heavily but I knelt down immediately and told my God, the King of kings, Lord of lords, I am that I am, Eternal Rock of ages, that the bible tells me what I ask in the name of Jesus Christ will be given me if I believe I have received it already. Then I made up my mind that I can’t fail but pass. I went straight to the bathroom to excrete my urine. I went back inside my room and opened the school’s eportal to check my result. I saw the result lying there with no disturbance.

Firstly, I saw 24 which is my continuous assessment score. Secondly, I saw 36 which made me want to bring out my eyeballs from the socket but immediately saw exam score. Lastly, I saw the total score which is 60 B. I fell on the floor and gave thanks to the Trinity. Only God can make way where there is none, bring forth water in the desert……what can He not do?…..nothing

All Glory to the Trinity :One……other results to come and God taking all Glory.


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