The future that i await

Posted: February 12, 2014 in ARTICLE

The future is now but unknown. When it comes, it turns to be a friend. The sorrows of the past and today will be gone just like the rain that fell yesterday. Time is not on our side only to wait in hope for the future to be a better state.

A future where there is equality even though you have nothing.

A future where there is nothing called ‘’hindrance’’ to stop you from climbing that high mountain. A future that the rich and the poor dines together like one big family with no breadwinner. A future that the minority’s expression is not passed by…..

A future where war will be like it never existed. Hypocrisy gone like spat saliva. Love reigning with no term of office. A future ‘’freedom’’ will be on the lips of everyone. I keep waiting for this future even though generations past have wished for it. You and I can make the future a better place for the upcoming generation to live.


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