From A Prisoner to A Freeman

Posted: January 13, 2014 in ARTICLE

From A Prisoner To A Freeman

The prisoner that is being talked about here is not that of the ordinary world after he/she might have disobeyed any of the laws laid down by the constitution of the country. Here, the prisoner being talked about is that of sin otherwise known as a Sinner. When you commit sin, automatically you become a prisoner. There is no need for any legal judgement for that, the only thing legal thing to judge you is your conscience which was placed in every human soul during creation.


Ask yourself this question. Am I a prisoner? You see when you go against the laws of God by committing any of the sins mentioned in Galathians 5vs 19-21, you are a prisoner of all sins which will hinder you from getting to heaven(Gal 5vs21).

When you are a prisoner of sin, you will not be entitled to the blessings of God a righteous one is entitled to. Also, when you are a prisoner of sin, the bright destiny and plan God has for you will either be slowed down or hindered permanently.


Now the next question is how can you be a freeman?? In the ordinary sense, a prisoner can only be a freeman when he/she finishes the term of his/her imprisonment and some can never be free if it’s a life imprisonment sentence. But being a prisoner of sin, there is no term of imprisonment before being saved to be a freeman. All you need to do is accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and personal Saviour. Except you are born-again which is accepting Jesus into your life, you cant be a freeman(John 3vs3) and the warden which is satan will always imprison you every time you commit sin. Jesus is the only way you can be a freeman, there is no alternative. You can only leave the prison of Satan only when you surrender your heart to Jesus. Only then you can gain the sonship of God. This you will do by confessing all your sins and forsake them all(Proverbs 28vs13…He who conceals his sin will not prosper but he who confess and forsake them will obtain mercy…) and you shall be forgiven. The Lord is merciful to forgive you all your sins (Heb 8vs12). If you are ready to be a freeman, just go on your knees and say as follows to God in heaven with all your heart, soul and mind;

     O God Almighty, I accept Jesus as my Lord and personal savior. I know now that He is the way, truth and life, no cometh to You except through him. I believe he is Your son. I confess all my sins(state each and everyone of them) and forsake them. I surrender my heart, soul and mind to you, Jesus. Come into my heart today and to stay. In Jesus name Amen.


Afolabi God’sgrace Lekan


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